Welcome to all our visitors, old, new, local, European and worldwide. This has been a tempestuous year for the Trust with new Trustees appointed, volunteers getting new wonderful jobs in England, Australia and in our capital city, we wish them all well, We have also been given some wonderful artefacts and costume, and these will appear in future. We have been dragged into the modern world, yes some of us were kicking and screaming, but we are now appearing on Twitter and Facebook, so try joining us there. There are also some cracking reviews on Trip Advisor.
The Dalgarven Mill Museum has been awarded full Museum Accreditation. This is the gold stand- ard for the way in which we collect, loan, research, conserve store and record our objects.

It ensures that the Museum is run in an efficient and ethical manner and that donations, grants and other in- come is used solely for these purposes

We can offer Assisted Disabled access by ramp to the Coffee Room the Main Costume Gallery and the Mill Machine Room. Disabled toilets and parking are available.

A video presentation of the grounds and upper floors is also available. During the Summer months we are open from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 until 1700 and on Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 hrs. On Sundays we are open from 11.00 until 17.00.hrs.

Last access to the Exhibitions is 45 minutes before closing
The Downton exhibition, using much of the gift of costume from Glasgow Museums, was such a success, that we have now been offered the remainder of the pieces withheld from the original gift.

We will now go through these and perhaps find the makings of a fu- ture exhibition. From just reading the labels, they range from early Japonese kimonos to beaded sixties mini-dresses, and I mean mini !!! The new boxes making it 147 in total.
The Current Exhibition is

"Corsets and Crinolines"

Early Victorian

The value of the large crinoline is, in my opinion, the fact that it is easy to visualise the difficulty that their size and construction caused to ladies in their everyday life. Up close you can imagine trying to walk, sit, climb in and out of carriages, or even climb up stairs in gowns with a circumference of three metres in some cases . No task was simple but then the wearers of dresses of this quality had servants aplenty to carry out most everyday work.
Owing to the Curator not noticing that the school holidays are now the first two weeks in April no matter where Easter falls, there is only the main exhibition up and running, but we promise that more will come. After Easter our closing time goes from four to five o’clock.